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Partial List of Completed Projects
Below is a partial list of projects completed by Allman Design Group covering a wide range of environments and client goals.


Dr. Tamara Abbett Dental Medford, OR
Dr. Richard Calhoun & Dr. Hall Dental Medford, OR
Dr. James Catt & Dr. Jeff Childreth Dental Medford, OR
Dr. Kelly Cruser Orthodontics Medford, OR
Dr. Rudy Greene Rheumatology Talent, OR
Dr. Henry Harbert Endodontics Medford, OR
Dr. Michael Henneman & Dr. David Layer Dental Ashland, OR
Dr. Joel Hodge Orthodontics Ashland, OR
Dr. Daniel Jackson Dental Talent, OR
Dr. Jim Johnson & Dr. Richard Wright Dental Medford, OR
Dr. Gary Klouda Endodontics Medford, OR
Community Health Center, Kistler + Small + White Medical Facility Medford, OR
Medical Arts Building/Freel & Assoc. Medical public space Medford, OR
Oregon Ear, Nose & Throat, Janney Marin, ADW Architects Medical Facility Medford, OR
Pear Blossom Vet Clinic, Dr. Danna Catt Veterinary Medford, OR
Siskiyou Eye Center, Phoenix Eye Clinic Phoenix, OR
SOU, Student Health Center Medical Facility Ashland, OR
Surgery Center of Southern Oregon, ADW Architects Medical Facility Medford, OR

Corporate Offices, Business & Public Projects

Central Point Elementary, Gary Afseth, architect Education Central Point, OR
Children's Advocacy Center, Christina Hill (ASID Pro-bono) Social Service Medford, OR
Estate Building, Jim Johnson Office Medford, OR
Evergreen Federal Bank, Main Branch Corporate Grants Pass, OR
Faith Fellowship Church Oakland, CA
Fire Mountain Gems, Stuart & Chris Freedman Corporate Grants Pass, OR
Genesee Estates Winery, Dr. Edward Kerwin Winery Ashland, OR
Go Kart Hero, Abell Architectural Group Recreation Medford, OR
Gold River Distributing, Steve Lytle Corporate Medford, OR
Grey Oaks Development - Rec Center, Ron Boehm Public Shady Cove, OR
Hellgate Jetboats, Robert Hamlyn Retail/Corporate Grants Pass, OR
Hoyal Farms, Inc., Lori Hoyal Office / Restoration Medford, OR
Job Counsel, James Fong Corporate Medford, OR
Ken Roberts Company - J Street, I Street Corporate Grants Pass, OR
Main Street Trading, Mickey Dillon Corporate Aliso Viego, CA
Motif Restaurant Lounge, Mark McKechnie Oregon Architecture Restaurant Ashland, OR
Motorcycle Superstore/USA, Don Becklin; Abell Architecture Corporate Medford, OR
Musician's Friend, Rob Eastman Corporate Medford, OR
Neilson Research Corporation, John Neilson Office Medford, OR
River Rock Café, Robert Hamlyn Restaurant Grants Pass, OR
SOU, Britt Hall, Student Center Education Ashland, OR
State Farm Insurance, Laurie Bixby Office Ashland, OR
TransBox Systems, Ron Boehm Corporate Oakland, CA
Waterstone Spa, Deb Cleland Spa Ashland, OR

Hospitality / Senior Living

Best Western Bard's Inn, John Warren Hotel Ashland, OR
Best Western Lakeside Lodge, John Warren Hotel Chelan, WA
Best Western Windsor Inn, John Warren Hotel Ashland, OR
Holiday Inn Express, John Warren Hotel Ashland, OR
Mountain Meadows (Club house), Phyllis De Vos Retirement Ashland, OR
Terpening Terrace, Mary Roper Retirement Eugene, OR